Run the Jewels

"Talk To Me"

Motion Graphics video  set to Run the Jewels' "Talk to Me".

I do not claim to own the rights to this music.



Video created for Phosphene's first self-titled debut album. 
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The musical adventure of a television that tells of its longing to be outside in the real world to his best friend, a bird in a cage.

The Sack


Cack Show

The Sack and Cack Show is a web series starring puppets. It follows Sack, host of a ratings-dry late night talk show, as he's forced to carry on after his best friend and co-host, Cack, is fired due to an out of control cocaine addiction. Cack's replacement is Jack (still going by Cack on the show), a naive but enthusiastic young actor happy to finally have gotten his big break.



Cannonball Lingo is a small musical project made a few years back to categorize the growing tide of war talk.

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